Affiliate Materials

We have already created material that you can you use for better promotion in affiliate program

Affiliate articles

Affiliate Articles that we've prepared will help you to attract more users to your AGEA affiliate account.

Animated banners

Animated banners created by our team gives you the opportunity to liven up your website and attract your visitors.

Text banners

Our text banners are a great and simple tool to integrate into your page. They give a clear message to your visitors.


Widgets created by our team gives you opportunity to make your web site much more interesting for your visitors...

Video tutorials

Video tutorials on how to open and verify account, make deposit, withdraw funds...

NOTE: After the registration you will receive a referral link like: In addition to the mandatory URL parameter ?gid=... , you can add an optional parameter &gsite=... and specify a different name for each site/of your affiliates. Our system will record these names and use them to generate an affiliate report on effectiveness of each of the sites/ of your affiliates