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Banners for Affiliate partners
Banners that will help you attract more customers to your affiliate account

Before you place one of these banners on your web site and create links to, please register as our affiliate if you have not done that so far. To save a GIF banner on your local disk, simply place your mouse over it, click on the right button and select option Save Image / Picture As. For other banner types, please see the links and HTML code below.

NOTE: In addition to the mandatory URL parameter &gid=... specified below, you can add an optional parameter &gsite=... and specify a different symbolic name for each site where you placed banners. Our system will record these symbolic names and use them to generate an affiliate report on effectiveness of each of the sites.

If you experience trouble downloading these banners or you are not familiar with the HTML code you need to insert
into your web page, please contact our support team for assistance.