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Currency market is the international foreign exchange market. It gets its name from the English shortening FOReign Exchange – foreign exchange operations. Currency trading market is one of the youngest financial markets (it has been functioning since the 70's of the last century). However, it is the largest in volumes and the most fast-growing market. The daily trading turnover on currency market amounts to about 4 trillion US dollars, which by 30 times exceeds the joined volume of all stock markets in the USA.

Get familiar with basics of currency market and trading instruments

Glossary of mostly used terms that you should get familiar with

Learn the basics of Macroeconomics that will come handy in trading

Why are Central Banks important and what traders need to know about them?

From what Financial instruments consist of? How they can be categorised?

Look at list of Technical indicators available on AGEA trading platforms

What is Algorithmic trading? How does it works and it's influence on the market

Here you can get various information about local events that helps trading

A brief history about market, stock exchanges, types of trading etc.

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