Vhajar KJk Siidragoonshinobee

Deep in my youth after completing elementary school, I have worked hard to be able to continue school. I am a teenager who capitalize reckless depart from a remote village to attend school in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Since sitting on the bench Vocational High School, I had a dream that one day I want to get the job easy and the results are sufficient. But there is something important in this heart; I wish my job could be done anywhere, so a lot of time to be with family.

“I wish my job could
be done anywhere,
so a lot of time to
be with family“

Since sitting in class 1 Vocational High School in 2009, I tried to look for opportunities from internet about the work I wanted, so I’ve try to business “Paid To Click”, “Multilevel”, “Google Adsense” etc. but the results are not guarantee for my survival.

At the end of 2009 I found a local broker in my city. I went to the office to try to figure out the development as well as the requirements to join. But unfortunately, when I was very interested and want to join, it turns out the required capital is huge and it’s beyond my abilities. Finally I decided to confine all the intention to join. My hope to be part of this work seems very small. Because the condition does not allow.

About 2 years ago, I was still trying to learn little by little in order to understand the forex. And by the time the Internet has begun to develop in our city, it becomes a means so that I can get the information that is beyond my reach. And this is a motivation for me because it is more facilitated. And I tried looking on the Exchange in the internet search engines. And much of what appears on Forex. And I found a website broker to be able to practice my Virtual Trading (Demo Account). But this remains a part of my difficulty to understand. Because too many things I should do and look for the Forex.

“So do not think
that we can become
a great trader within
1 month only.“

About 2 to 3 months later, I tried looking on the internet again Forex Brokers located in Jakarta, and finally I found a website www.marketiva.com

There is representation Marketiva Jakarta. Soon after my visit to his office hoping to be able to gain knowledge on Forex. And this is part of the decision that I have done after all this time I want to explore it. And finally I can get through my friends at Marketiva Jakarta.

I realize that to get that money is not easy and much to be learned so that we can become a great trader who does not rely on the gambling but we should be able to read the analysis, the factors that influence the currency charts and analysis based on the trend that is happening . An analyst who could read the movement of currencies takes hard work and anyone can reach it within 3 years up to 10 years. So do not think that we can become a great trader within 1 month only.

My principle if we trust and believe there really is not that difficult. Many people fail in forex business in the first month of the first to know. The first month is the month that the most critical and stressful because usually people will despair, give up and not confident in this month.

“I created a
community called
“Marketiva Jakarta

I also experienced this, when I tried the demo, I am very optimistic can profit, but what happened when my forex trading in real account, it turns out different than the time the demo even though the media, tools and systems exactly the same. Why is that? This is the secret and behind the forex business.

Finally in 2009 I was looking for “teacher” to be able to explore the forex, after such a long search but did not also be in the real world. Finally I focus to sit on the “internet”. So a lot of experience from the most distressing things to spend pocket money until I can share the fortune to others of profit.

“Unyielding spirit
is part of our goal”

In 2011, I tried to set up a group Traders in my town. Finally I created a community called “Marketiva Jakarta Community”. Marketiva Jakarta Community has a simple and low capitalize computer and modem specifications potluck. Trading alone, sometimes until late at night unable to sleep waiting for floating minus that does not go into profit. Day in and, it turns out increases minus. Ends cutloss or MC. Deposit again and again. Nobody supports you to deposit money in advance. But it can still demo trading to improve the trading system. And later, I still can be thankful, because forex is still there tomorrow. And, I realized my mistake in trading losses and try to eliminate when already have the capital return.

“I’m just a trader
who is always

And after quite a long time finally a lot of friends who are interested to join in the “Marketiva Jakarta Community” and explore the world of forex. Unyielding spirit is part of our goal. Eventually I and my friends have proved, we can become a successful trader with a simple way. No need to be an expert analysis, expert fundamental but not a profit, for what? The key is in the management of trading!

I am prejudiced in me, that I was not good at trading. I am also not an expert in analyzing, I’m not an expert to predict. I’m just a trader who is always learning! I tried to analyze, I tried both with the stock trading with existing knowledge, and I still can not predict, but I can anticipate it.

Inul Hotimah

My Story Trading. :)

Read this if you want get an inspiration. :)

“AGEA using Streamster,
everything feels so easy
and comfortable”

One year ago, I saw my uncle open a software on his laptop. I was surprised to see the display software, because I had never seen before. By the time my uncle left his laptop was still on, I quietly read the name of the software. Apparently the name of the software is Marketiva (now changed to AGEA). After that, I tried to find an article about AGEA. After searching on the internet about the meaning of AGEA, AGEA is an online trading broker.

Initially I was hesitant to trade, because I read various articles on the internet that it is so difficult to trade, trading is not for playing games. But, after I register and start trading in AGEA using Streamster, everything feels so easy and comfortable and Streamster looks very simple, easy to understand for beginners and can be used on the small Internet connection.

“Streamster looks very simple,
easy to understand for beginners
and can be used on the
small Internet connection”

Besides Streamster, in AGEA also you can use the MetaTrader 4 (MT4). In AGEA can trade on the Android device. Love it. Take less than 5 minutes for register in AGEA and get real money $ 5 for members that have been verified. In terms of security, AGEA’s policy specify, one person, one account, should not be more. This is done to prevent money laundering. Additionally, AGEA provide live support 24 hours a day for all members who wish to ask or learn about trading directly. AGEA Live support is very responsive and very friendly. Live support AGEA can serve in a variety of languages, Indonesian, English, Chinese, etch. Very great isn’t it?

“AGEA Live support
is very responsive
and very friendly.”

In the process of withdrawal and deposit of funds, never any problems. AGEA provides a variety methods to deposit and withdrawal. You can Deposit and Withdrawal via LibertyReserve, Wire Transfer, Skrill, WebMoney, E-Dinar. If via LibertyReserve, for deposit process only takes no longer than 5 minutes. For the withdrawal process, it takes 2 hours up to 6 hours. However, based on my experience, only about 3 hours of the withdrawal has been processed, even faster (via LibertyReserve). In essence, with AGEA, trading is very easy and comfortable to do. AGEA has high quality in the member services and in the network security systems.

“Withdrawal and Deposit
of funds - never
any problems.”

AGEA provide a very complete web services. Besides having the main site www.agea.com, AGEA have extra.agea.com. In extra.agea.com you can find Market News, Education on trading, Affiliate, Forum, Tools, Reports, and all promotions are packed by holding any competitions with prizes $ 100 in each competition. The competitions are AGEA Master Contest (monthly tournament), Top Ten Affiliate and Trading Story of the Month. In extra.agea.com you can have a lot of opportunities to get the $ 100 prize. It was all given to support your trading progress.

“There is…
a lot of
to get $100”

$5 of bonus money given AGEA, in 1 month I can develop it become $ 21.29 (use 30% for open positions and take profit 20 points/day). Since I managed $ 5 into $ 21.29, I tried to make a deposit of $ 50. In one month, from $ 50 increase become $ 121 (taking 30% of the capital to open position and take profit 10 points/day). Forex trading is simply amazing! Only a few clicks can benefit very much. Just have an internet connection you can get the money.

“30% for open
positions and
take profit
20 points/day”

If you want to succeed in Forex Trading, do not just look at a small time frame, but see also the time frame to analyze price movements. By doing that, it is safer to specify the position. One more thing, in trading online, Moving Average is an indicator that should be used by traders in technical analysis. Successful traders always use the Moving Average indicator. Don’t be forgotten.

“Successful traders
always use the
Moving Average indicator”

I'm interested see the rich people who were also doing Forex Trading. Most of the rich people in my country, investing in Forex Trading, Stocks, and Index. Because of their success, I was interested in doing Forex Trading.

Net profits from the Forex Trading, 60% I use to raise capital at home and my business at home and use for the needs daily life. And, 40% I use to raise capital in Online Trading (especially Forex Trading).

“Thank you
very much AGEA”

Based on my experience during I do Forex Trading, I just open position at the time of important news or high impact news will be launched. Take profit of a little, now I just take profit just 15 points per day because the capital that I use is large enough. With a target only 15 points per day, if the large capital the profit certainly greater. Trading not to catch the point, but it makes balance having to increase at the end of the month. Thank you very much AGEA, all of your services, it is useful for the members. I am very satisfied. :)

Dinah Temitope Enoch

opened my eyes
to a world I had
never imagined

Studying contemporary music, playing bass guitar and a bit of modeling were my main sources of income before I heard about the market over 7years ago. Reading some books about the forex market had given me a new lease on life and opened my eyes to a world I had never imagined.

I started my first investments within a few months of stumbling and reading books on finances. Being clueless was paying off and that made me very ignorant of the value of money. I honestly thought money was growing on the trees and took everything for granted!

For about 3 years, I had a great time investing and position trading, based on the P/E ratio and other indicators of the stock market, although I had started trading the forex market with the then North finance broker in Cyprus but I didn’t really concentrate much on it.

In 2008, position trading was not fun anymore. My ignorance and arrogance was slowly deflating. With market swings of 700+ points, stocks with excellent ratios were collapsing, I was losing sleep. I could not understand how a stock with fantastic earnings reports and great P/E ratios could collapse? Why was the market rallying when news was bad and collapsing when news was great? Nothing was making sense any more.

I had to do something. I had to find answers. The world of business and finance was changing and staying in a trade for weeks or months was no longer an option. I decided to concentrate on forex trading! I was so passionate about trading that since I believed it is a bigger market, I was convinced that if I could spend enough time studying technical trading, I would succeed.

If I could spend
enough time studying
technical trading,
I would succeed.

I assumed that if only I read the right book, took the right course, listened to the right teacher, and studied hard enough…I would become a great trader! After spending a fortune on Trading Education, where I learned very little of value–I gave up! Next, I dived into the world of Trading Software! This is where the fun began: Green and Red lights and exciting colors! Semi-automatic and even fully automated! How can I fail? After all, all I had to do was push a button!

But somehow I was still losing money day after day after day... I switched to indicators: it was still not happening: I was still losing money!

Honestly, because of my lack of experience of the market, I thought changing brokers would solve a bit of my problem, though I was better when I started with Agea then Marketiva. I started with North finance, then forex gen which happened to be scammers at the end, I also moved to Alpari but I needed a simpler platform.

I was introduced to Agea in a seminar by the facilitator named Click Clark, I was amazed when I opened an account with Agea, I was overwhelmed by the facilities offered, the chatting, easy to use platform, easy access to customer service and what I really appreciate most is the flexibility of the lot size you want to trade it.

AGEA, I was
overwhelmed by
the facilities offered

Due to this unequal services rendered on the Agea platform I could not but tell my friends, family members and students to open an account with Agea. Agea is my favourite broker after accessing all others.

I started seeing
unique patterns in
price waves that I had
never seen before!

Due to this unequal services rendered on the AGEA platform I could not but tell my friends, family members

The following may sound preposterous to many people. But it is 100% the truth. The day came when I had very little left in my trading account. I removed everything from my charts, disposed of all the software and indicators, and simply said a prayer to God. I wanted to get a new apartment and also pay some bills. I asked him to give me the vision to see price in a way I had not been able to see it before. Magic happened: God answered my prayers! I started seeing unique patterns in price waves that I had never seen before!

I discovered a simple way that I could read, interpret and accurately predict price action with nothing on my charts! Is it possible? Is this really happening? Yes and my trading had changed forever: I was able to read pure price action and was able to ride price waves day after day, week after week, and month after month.

I was able
to read pure
price action

Today, I don’t see trading and spending time with Price and Markets as a chore. I am incredibly fascinated by Pure Price Action and always, even now, spend endless hours mesmerized by this most mysterious puzzle of all: Price Waves. I spend many thousands of hours analyzing Price Waves and the more time I spend with Pure Price, the more I realize that: Pure Price Is Really the World’s Best Puzzle, that simply keeps evolving from Small Price Waves into Larger Price Waves. Its simplicity and complexity never cease to amaze me. And each and every day I learn more by simply having nothing, but Pure Price Waves in front of me.

Dinah Oluwaseye Samuel

“I was so excited hearing
about the currency market...
when most people
are so ignorant of it”

The journey started approximately 5 years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to this market. I was more involved in my local stocks trading but it was a period where I needed to change my work model and expand my tentacles. I was so excited hearing about the currency market during the time when most people in my country (Nigeria) are so ignorant of it. I put myself forward for a training which lasted for 2weeks, and afterwards I demo traded for almost a month to learn and get more acquitted with the market.

“With Marketiva...
I was able to control
my lot size”

After 3 weeks of demo trading, I got a conviction that I needed to progress by using my real funds and so the search for a reliable broker begun. Not long, I found North finance, a broker based in Cyprus, but obviously it was a wrong choice because their services as at then was nothing to write about. After 2weeks into trading with my real funds, I lost all my funds then it dawn on me that I needed more training. I went through series of training and demo trading again, then I raised funds to start all over again. I decided to use ForexGen as my broker which unfortunately ended up to be a scam so I relaxed for few months to get more information and acquire more knowledge about the market.

“The only way to do
well in this market is
to constantly upgrade
your knowledge and
never stop learning”

Finally, a few months later I was at a seminal and the organizers mentioned some brokers but they recommended Marketiva to us, so I said THIS IS IT!!! I got registered with Marketiva and I started trading with the initial 5 dollars. It was a good start because I was able to control my lot size and all that, it gave me a whole new experience of trading. A few weeks later, I wire a little funds into my account on Marketiva and the journey began properly.

Though there are good and bad moments, overall it has been a good one. I have my trading strategies and it was working quite alright for me, but it’s very important to note that the strategy that works for you this year may not necessarily work next year, that is where monthly and yearly evaluation comes in play. The only way to do well in this market is to constantly upgrade your knowledge and never stop learning. The importance of self-upgrade cannot be over emphasized; it helps to keep us abreast to changes that may occur. Keep yourself current and you will earn more currency, that's my philosophy. THANKS!!! For reading my story.

Doni Alif Nurmansyah II

they are

I don’t know exactly how long I trade with agea, but I think it has been a few years right now. In term of technical aspect, I think AGEA is competitive although not the best one, spread is fixed, I trade EU so it has a low spread, 2 points. Simple and easy to use platform, streamster. Fast deposit and withdrawal, with various methods (I have only deposited my account, no withdrawal yet :D). I can say that AGEA is not too far different with another broker, and still AGEA is qualified as a good broker.

Technical aspect is not the main reason why I choose AGEA, I choose AGEA because this only one reason, they are reliable. They serve their clients very well, I experienced by myself. And also AGEA value small and novice trader like me greatly, this is what make me stay here for that long, and also this is what make AGEA different from any other brokers.

AGEA value small
and novice trader
like me greatly

The way AGEA keep in touch with their clients is unique and effective, they offer various promotion program such as affiliate contest, trading contest, and what inspire me a lot, story contest. From the story contest of the previous month, august, I can find a clear view of forex and how to success in it, there is a story in that contest that inspire me very much.

Although I have been in forex for few years, I don’t have any clear goal and clear trading strategy. Then when I open agea extra site, I found great story that turn around my forex way. That story is ahmad fatikhul khasan`s story, I wonder why his story is only come on second position on the contest, for me his article is value more than $100 and should be the winner. *just my opinion.

The gut to
never give up

By reading his story I know that he is only a small trader like me, but the lesson I take from him is, he take his forex seriously although he trade only on small volume. This is what make me different from him, in the past few years I just fooling around, not taking forex seriously.

Big money in forex
can only be achieved
by clear strategy,
passionate and

I have a mindset that, when I want to make big money in forex I have to start with large amount of capital. And again after reading his story, I found that I am totally wrong. Big money in forex can only be achieved by clear strategy, passionate and consistency. From his story, he said that we can raise $5 to about $100.000 in a year just by taking 10 pips a day. It is not as easy as it looks, but with this i can trade less stressful, I have proved it this whole month. This is the second lesson I get from him. *FYI : I ask for him his trading simulation, and he give to me freely, it is an ms excel worksheet file.

The third lesson is about the indicator, I used to fulfill my chart with a lot of indicator, but I don’t know clearly what that all about. He said that an indicator is merely a weapon and the weapon is only as strong as its wielder. What I am doing I the past few years was only gathering various weapons but do not clearly know how to use it, again his story show me that I am totally wrong. From this I only use Bollinger Bands (Period:20 SD:2) on hourly chart, and the result is shown by the picture. *FYI : I learn how to use this technique also from him.

I hope...
there will be a
lot story and a lot
trader that inspired
just like me

The last lesson is about the gut to never give up. I found myself wrong again, all this time, I am very enthusiastic when I get new trading strategy, and then found myself give up already when this strategy doesn’t work well. Although it is much because I don’t know clearly how to use that trading strategy. And now I know what to do, when loss or even margin call come, I cant give up.

He and his story teach me a lot. But this will never happen when AGEA not post the story contest, I hope that this promotion will (story contest) everlasting, so there will be a lot story and a lot trader that inspired just like me.