Gator Oscillator

Bill Williams developed this indicator and his opinion was that a trader should not over-rely on technical or fundamental indicators, the market is constantly changing and hence you cannot always assume a pattern or theory from the past. Instead a trader needs to understand the structure of the market.

This indicator assumes that they are a consistent design in the market. The indicator is similar, and based on, the Alligator indicator.

Lines are blue, red or a combination of the two. A line is blue when prices are moving upwards, red when prices are moving downwards and mixed when prices are varying up and down.


  • Gator Awaking - Signifying the completion of a cycle, when the bars display different colors (any combination of red and green), the gator is 'awaking'.
  • Gator Eating - When both the bar below and the one above the centerline are green, the indicator is said to be eating.
  • Gator Satisfied - When, after an 'eating' phase, the one of the upper or lower bars around the centerline turn red, the Gator is said to be satisfied (or ‘filled out’)
  • Gator Sleeping - When both bars above and below the centerline are red, the gator is sleeping.

Hence one should buy when the Gator is awaking and starts eating, and sell when the Gator fills out (is satisfied) and goes to sleep.