Investor Relations

AGEA nurtures good relationships with the regulator, investors and the stakeholders that have a key and long-term impact on our financial performance. As the first and only Montenegrin investment company of its kind, we have always been happy to participate in market-level dialogue in order to contribute to the development of the procedures, policies and regulations governing our industry.

In order to fulfill our economic purpose, we reconcile diverse interests. Being ethical, responsible and profitable is imperative for a corporation of our age.

The strategic determinants of AGEA’s development are aimed at increasing its market share in the investment services market and developing its organization and business processes in line with international best practice. AGEA is focused on introducing new and attractive financial assets and services, with particular emphasis on innovations in financial and business offerings tailored to the characteristics and needs of today’s modern corporation.

We provide quick and easy access to information of interest to the financial public through timely, transparent and continuous reporting on business operations and events.

Financial Information