Spreads for MT4 Platform

These tables show real-time spreads for all currency pairs available for trading at AGEA. These spreads are your full cost of trading with us, and are a true reflection of currency trading market pricing. We always publish tradable spreads, even when spreads widen due to market events or on weekends.

NOTE: Spreads between bid and ask (offer) prices are variable and they often unexpectedly change and greatly increase during weekends, in after-hours trading, in case of market-related announcements or market turmoil. Please see the list of minimum spreads on the market instruments available for trading through the selected platform shown above. Current price spreads listed are delayed for up to 20 minutes.

NOTE: Spreads on Cent accounts are 1 pip wider compared to Standard and STP accounts, what means -0.5 for bid price and +0.5 for ask price.