Being an AGEA Affiliate

Affiliate Program Summary
Type:Cost Per Action Streamster Commission:1 point for every live position closed
MetaTrader Commission:10% of the minimum spread Cookie Life*:30 days
Length of Commissions*:Lifetime Payment Frequency*:Monthly
Affiliate Reports:In-house – see your Account Center

  • Cookie Life
    Sometimes a potential client may click through from your link but not open an account straight away. If they come back later (for AGEA within the next 30 days) and open an account they will still be registered as your client and you will earn commissions from them.
  • Length of Commissions
    AGEA rewards you based on the continuing actions of your client. Some affiliate programs limit for how long you get commissions based on their actions. For example, if the length of commissions is only one year then if the client makes an action after one year you will not receive commission. With AGEA the commission is for life so even if you refer a client and they are making actions in 10 years you will still receive commissions!
  • Payment Frequency
    You may withdraw your commissions for the month at the beginning of the next month.


Let’s say you refer a client who opens a Streamster account. They decide to trade using mini lots with leverage of 100:1. This client makes an average of 5 trades a day. That means that in a month (of 21 trading days) you would get commissions of $105 every month – all from just one client!

= 10,000 Mini Lot at 100:1 means the client traded $100
= You get 1 point for this so $1 for every trade
= 5 trades would be $5
= For 21 days (21 * 5) = $105

Many of our traders trade 15-20 times a day!

Affiliate Agreements

To be an AGEA affiliate you must agree to the Affiliate Agreement, see: Agreement

How do I refer clients?

You can refer clients using your GID or by giving out coupons.

GID – this is your unique affiliate number which you would have received by email when you signed up. By adding this to your referral links we will know the client has come from you. For example, instead of just , you should put .

NOTE: You can create a URL for any page on the web site. You just need to add the "?gid=XXXXX" (or "&gid=XXXXX" if there are parameters in the URL preceding this one) at the end of the page URL. In addition to the mandatory URL parameter ?gid=... , you can add an optional parameter &gsite=... and specify a different name for each site/of your affiliates. Our system will record these names and use them to generate an affiliate report on effectiveness of each of the sites/ of your affiliates

Where clients are referred by you but not by clicking on a link, such as if you send out emails to potential clients, then they must enter a unique coupon code provided by you. When they open an account they will have the option to add in this code which will ensure you earn commissions from this referral. Your unique coupon codes would have been provided to you in your affiliate welcome email. If you need more coupon codes don’t hesitate to contact us.