Tips for Success

To make money as an affiliate you need to get traffic to your link and encourage your visitors to click on it and convert to being an AGEA customer.

Affiliates use different methods of attracting visitors, these include:

  • Cost Per Click adverts
    Some affiliates decide that the best way to get referrals is by advertising AGEA on our behalf.
    Commonly this is done using “Cost per Click” adverts, this is where you only pay for the advert if someone clicks on it. Each click usually costs a few cents.
    Sites that allow this include Google (Google Ads), Facebook, and most other search engines.
    Note that often you can also pay for “Cost per Impression”, this is where you pay every time someone sees the ad whether or not they click on it – this will be cheaper per action than the CPC method but may costs more in the long run.
  • Email
    Another way of targeting potential clients is by sending out emails to people within your network.
    Here you may send them an email marketing the benefits of AGEA and why they should join. On this email you must include coupon codes and tell you potential clients to include this in the relevant section when they open an account, so that we know that you referred the client.
    However please do not send unsolicited emails, or SPAM. This is inappropriate and not accepted by AGEA.
  • Website/Blog
    Most affiliates choose this method. You may develop your own website dedicated to AGEA or a site which has relevant content (e.g. about forex, or making money). Alternatively you may post on other websites such as forums or blog spots mentioning AGEA in these posts. This includes individuals using social networking sites, such as setting up a page on Facebook.

Getting the right traffic

You need visitors to come to your site before you can get them to click on your links. But you don’t want just anyone visiting, you want people that may be interested in trading with AGEA.

  • CPC Adverts:
    For search engines the most important factor is to choose the right keywords. Put yourself in your potential visitor’s shoes. What will they be searching for? Maybe AGEA directly, or are they searching for any forex broker, perhaps they are not searching forex at all instead they search “make money”.
    However note that the more popular the keywords, the more the cost per click will cost – so be selective.
  • Geo-targeting
    Many sites allow you to target clients only from certain countries. You may think that the more people that click the better, but actually each click costs you. For example, AGEA does not accept clients from the US, so if you target them and they click you will be paying the cost of the click with no chance of a new referral.
  • Email:
    Choose your email list carefully. Who would really be interested in what you have to say?
  • Website/blogs:
    How can, and will, people find your site?

One of the most common ways for someone to find your site is through a search engine hence Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key. Search engines decide which results to display based on their content, and keywords, on the site. SEO is a complex subject so consider downloading a book about it or finding useful articles online. When thinking of your keywords, again, put yourself in your visitors shoes – what would they write in the search engine if they wanted to find a site like yours?

Converting traffic

Now you have your visitor’s attention, how do you make then convert into a client. This is when you really need to promote AGEA. Tell them about the benefits of trading forex, and then tell them why they should be doing this with AGEA. For example, have a look at the article How To Choose A Forex Broker.

Some affiliates choose to make their website all about AGEA. These affiliates promote the benefits of AGEA, and ensure that it is as easy as possible for them to open an account and trade. For example, they may explain the account opening process or how to use MT4.

Other affiliates chose to have relevant content on their site and have the promotion of AGEA as a sideline. For example, the site may be about forex news and then have banners on the side for AGEA. They know that the content will attract the clients interested in forex and then they use this as a springboard to promote AGEA.

Differentiating yourself

Find out what internet users are missing and fill that hole. For example, you may find that most forex new sites are in English, so why not start a site in your own language? Or become an expert at forex and answer forex questions on forums telling them about AGEA at the same time. Develop a cool app, make a fun social network page...

AGEA continuously works with our affiliates to ensure they have all the tools they need to be a successful affiliate – have a look at our “Affiliate Tools” for access to loads of cool materials.

If there is any other materials you would like, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.