AGEA Live Forex Chart

Forex trading involves the sale of a currency, and the simultaneous purchase of another with the purpose of closing the position at a later time with a profit. Unlike in the stock or commodities markets where prices are routinely quoted in USD, the price of a currency can be quoted in any other currency due to the essentially bartering nature of currency transactions where live, as well as historical forex charts are used to identify trends and entry /exits points for trades.

Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results. No representation is being made that any financial instrument listed will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown in the historical price charts. In addition, the historical price charts do not include commissions, fees or any other possible charges. The charts are constructed based on prices recorded throughout trading sessions and do not take spread between bid and ask price into account. All investments come with the risk of losing money. Investing involves substantial risks, including complete possible loss of principal plus other losses and is not suitable for all members of the public.